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Water is one of the fundamental components of life on our planet. For this reason, we have to use it with balance and without waste. No other resource is as important as water. Crucial to our existence we use in almost all situations of daily life, domestic, industrial, agricultural, and so on.

Aquayvida is fully committed to a rational and balanced use of water for our planet and its people live longer and better.

When it comes to home water purification, we should take into account two different but complementary sections to each other than are: the domestic water and drinking water.

The first is related to all water used at home (showering, bathing, washing clothes, dishes etc).

The second is directly linked to the consumption of water for drinking and cooking essentially.

Our country has hard water in most of its territory. On the map, made ​​by the Ministry of Environment, expressing the hardness regions.

Classification of water hardness

Water for domestic consumption also presents different flavors, different degrees of hardness. Water hardness is determined by the amount of calcium and magnesium salts in the water, which depends on the composition of the soil “the more lime is the area hardest occurs” so that the hardness is inherent in each region .

The Centre for HydrographicStudiesCenterfor Studies and Experimentation of Public Works (CEDEX), provide a classification of water hardness, measured in milligrams per liter (mg / l) of calcium carbonate:

Soft water – concentration of less than 50 mg / l of calcium carbonate
slightly hard water – concentration between 50-100 mg / l of calcium carbonate
moderately hard water – concentration between 100 and 200 mg / l of calcium carbonate
hard water – concentration over 200 mg / l of calcium carbonate

Since water is an essential element for our health and body balance, it is important that drinking water in our homes is of good quality.

For this reason aquayvida offers two basic systems to enjoy a healthy, balanced and pure water for your home.

The first, water softener, basically removes lime and is connected immediately after the main incoming of water in the house. This protects the entire installation of lime scale, resulting in a so-called soft water (without lime) throughout the installation of the house, benefiting from the taps, appliances, shower, toilet tank, etc.. This means greater durability of a washing machine and dishwasher, boiler efficiency increased (significant energy savings), softer clothes and cared for, protected skin and hair much brighter, lower consumption of soaps and softener, disappearance of the spots tableware and cutlery in …


The second set of equipment removes contaminants from water used exclusively for human consumption, drinking, cooking …. Getting water with different technologies of varying degrees of purity. With them we get to save the carry bottled water and its cost, taking in most cases a better quality water.

Essentially two technologies are used:
• Reverse Osmosis.
• carbon filters.

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis is a water filtration system, gives excellent quality water for drinking, cooking and washing fruits and vegetables for a small additional tap. This system is generally installed under the kitchen sink for your convenience.

Reverse osmosis systems work by taking advantage of different osmotic pressures on both sides of a membrane. The pressure of the water network allows water to pass through the osmotic membrane from the other side and preventing the passage of contaminants. In this way provide clean, pure, clear, better tasting and odor free. (Scheme).


Active carbon filters
Activated carbon is perhaps the oldest system of water purification known.

Its mechanism of action is the absorption of dissolved substances in water, thereby eliminating much of the contaminants that may take. In general, it absorbs chloride, trihalomethanes (THMs), pesticides, herbicides and some other metal. Of course, the taste of chlorine is removed from the water, which together with its low cost makes it an easy choice element.


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