Water softener


What is a water softener?

The softeners are devices that operate on the physiochemical composition of water, reducing the calcium and magnesium in charge of inlaid plaque.

The smooth water flows through ion exchange resins that exchange calcium and / or magnesium with sodium. At the exit of the apparatus, the water does not cause buildup. With the partial or total removal of hardness, the water has turned to water “sweet.”

As the water circulates through the water softening resins are saturated with calcium and magnesium.

This leads to under regular resins need to be cleaned with a solution of sodium chloride or brine (salt water) that takes the salt container. This operation is known as regeneration.

Advantages of installing a water softener:

Keep drinking water in all cases respecting the regulations.

Note: The rate of sodium in the water delivered can be ordered from the distributor. Some people Hyposodic placed under a “no salt” should consult their doctor about whether you can consume soft water

What model to choose?

When deciding to purchase a water softener is important to know:

* This type of softener regenerates only the percentage of resin saturated with lime according to consumption of water and lime content of the same, providing considerable savings in salt and water

The quality of a water softener, is determined by the type of resin, the valve mount the equipment, the direction of the current at the time of washing (for or against the usual flow, etc.). These factors are crucial to the efficiency of the equipment to remove the lime.

We must also take into account the quality of materials used in building the team, the aesthetics of them, so the manufacturer’s warranty.

Generally speaking, there are two types of marking softeners:

Where to install it?

These devices are installed in the water inlet housing. The installation is done by a professional. In addition to the softener must also install a sediment filter to prevent particles and dirt can damage the valves of the team. Also be provided an alternative circuit of water flow, if we were to isolate the softener on time on the network.

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