Active carbon filters

(Dechlorinators domestic)

Activated carbon is perhaps the oldest system of water purification known.
Its mechanism of action is the absorption of dissolved substances in water, thereby eliminating much of the contaminants that may take. In general, it absorbs chloride, trihalomethanes (THMs), pesticides, herbicides and some other metal. Of course, the taste of chlorine is removed from the water, which together with its low cost makes it an easy choice element.

Basically speaking there are two systems:
• The model that connects to the kitchen faucet.
• The model is installed under sink.

His presentation is a body that its interior is the filter itself. This model connects to kitchen faucet with an attachment, which in turn makes key step: lets the water as before or directs it to the filter, which is passed through the auxiliary faucet you have.

In this case the filter is also installed in a body, but underneath the sink. For the output of water, we install a second auxiliary faucet that is the one shown in the photo.

Whatever the location, quality of water depends on the quality of the filter containing. There are essentially three different carbon filter on the market.
All our filters are disposable and should be changed periodically for proper use.


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