Reverse Osmosis


Reverse osmosis is a water filtration system, gives excellent quality water for drinking, cooking and washing fruits and vegetables for a small additional tap. This system is generally installed under the kitchen sink for your convenience.


Reverse osmosis systems work by taking advantage of different osmotic pressures on both sides of a membrane. The pressure of the water network allows water to pass through the osmotic membrane from the other side and preventing the passage of contaminants. In this way provide clean, pure, clear, better tasting and odor free.

Its effectiveness as a treatment system is hovering on average 95%, although this is not homogeneous, being variable for each pollutant. These systems are generally compact, space-saving and designed for easy filter change.

The team usually consists of several pre-filters (sediment, coal …) and an osmotic membrane. These filters and the membrane are changed regularly and, although usually advise the intervention of a technician, many customers make their own change. (View traditional pattern of osmosis


 In any case a good filtration system by reverse osmosis at home, compared to bottled water offers:

• excellent quality water for drinking and cooking

• Ideal for a healthy and balanced diet

• Always available at the tap without buying

• A cleaner planet of plastic containers

• A significant cost savings

From the standpoint of management, all systems are automatic and very comfortable. The equipment is usually installed under the sink. The purified water is stored in a warehouse, and is obtained through an additional common tap


Tradtionally, the RO can lead a pressure pump to increase it in the incoming water and improve water quality output, automatic detection of leakage or possible damage to the filter or membrane, UV lamp to ensure non bacterial growth in the tank, and so on.

All our equipment are of high quality reverse osmosis. Before your purchase is important to determine which one suits you technically for each water quality, salinity, hardness, pressure, etc..


1, What do I need?

Reverse osmosis systems operate from different water network. It is therefore necessary to consider that depending on the quality of water reaching your home, salinity, hardness, inlet pressure, etc., We will need equipment that is technically different but their appearance is similar.

Not having this, it may mean a reduction in water quality get, and reduced equipment life.


These teams require a periodic change of filters (usually annual) that must be reported in the instruction manual of each device.


Externally all apparently osmosis equipment are very similar. But it is true that there are different qualities. Equipment of poor quality in design or materials may be a poor investment over the medium term although a priori it seems a good buy.

The main problems we encounter at the outset or over time with this type of equipment are:

• Poor equipment life.

• considerable loss of water through the drain.

• Low osmosis water quality.

• High cost of maintenance.

• Water leaks on the team with their impact on the nearby furniture.

Some simple observations will increase their level of knowledge of equipment to be purchased:

• External connections (connecting tubes) with accessories, a manufacturer should be known as John Guest or similar to prevent premature breakage

• The osmotic membrane (real filter) should be a mark of prestige (FILMTEC, etc.). It is the heart of the team and not cheap copies confounding with the change of any letter.

• The membrane must be 70-75gpd (gallons / day) and not 35 or 50 gpd and mount some equipment.

• The activated carbon post filter membrane has KDF bacteriological protection or similar?

  We hope these simple guidelines will have been useful, and do not hesitate to contact us.

Reverse Osmosis


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